Institute of Physics


The UFF Physics Institute (IF-UFF) has a consolidated role in basic and applied research, with a comprehensive set of areas of interest. Research at IF-UFF is centered on the search for scientific impact and innovation, which favors the frequent establishment of cooperation with national and international institutions.

In connection with its research environment, IF-UFF maintains the Graduate Program in Physics (PPGF-UFF), which is currently a program of excellence (PROEX) from CAPES. PPGF-UFF has masters and doctorate courses in physics. Several researchers from IF-UFF also work in other graduate programs at UFF, especially in the areas of engineering, geosciences and in the professional master's course in natural sciences. In addition, IF-UFF is home to the National Institute of Science and Technology in Nuclear Physics and Applications (INCT-FNA).

The research at IF-UFF is distributed in several research areas:

  1. Advanced nanomaterials for technological applications
  2. Nuclear and atomic structure and reactions and nuclear astrophysics
  3. Theoretical condensed matter, statistical physics and complex systems
  4. Applied Physics
  5. Quantum optics and information
  6. Physics of fundamental interactions and their applications
  7. Physics teaching and science communication

  Research Laboratories 

. High Energy Laboratory

. Spectroscopy and Laser Laboratory

. Radiocarbon Laboratory (LAC)

. Laboratory of Magnetism and Low Temperatures (LMBT)

. Laboratory of Production of Nanomaterials (LPN) 

. High Resolution Electron Microscopy Laboratory (LaMAR / CAIPE) 

. Materials Characterization Laboratory (LCM) 

. Laboratory of Computational Statistical Physics 

. Laboratory of Applied Nuclear Physics and Heavy Ion Nuclear Reactions

. Holography & Applied Optics Laboratory

. Quantum Optics Laboratory 

. Plasma and Atomic Spectroscopy Laboratory

. X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory - (LDRX-UFF) 

. Radioecology and Environmental Changes Laboratory

. Research Laboratory in Teaching and Dissemination of Science (LAPED)