Institute of Physics

Room Reservation

Room Reservation

Below are calendars with the occupancy of 26 rooms in common use of the Institute of Physics, grouped into 4 groups:

  • Meeting rooms
  • Prof. Auditorium Paulo Gomes
  • Classrooms (Old Tower)
  • Visiting and Postdoctoral Teachers' Rooms

To view the occupancy of a particular room, do the following:

1 - Choose the corresponding calendar / group;

2 - Click on the arrow located in the upper right corner of the corresponding calendar, and leave only the chosen room selected.

If you wish to book one, please write to with the choice of the room, day and time of the reservation, and the intended use.

If you are interested in booking the Prof. Paulo Roberto Silveira Gomes (2nd floor), first read this document with the rules of use of the auditorium, and the reservation forms.