Institute of Physics

Physics Department

The teaching activities of the Physics Department serve different undergraduate courses: Architecture, Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Pharmacy, Physics, Geography, Computer Science, Mathematics, Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry. Post graduate: Postgraduate Course  in Science Teaching (Physics and Science modalities) and stricto sensu - Master and Doctorate - in Physics. On average, these courses involve a student population of around 2000 students per semester.

The IF-UFF has been maintained with a single department, due to the perception by the faculty that a division in several departments would bring more problems than benefits. The single Department favors a permanent interplay between undergraduate and graduate teaching activities, since there is no exclusivity for a teacher / researcher to act in disciplines of one or another level of education. On the contrary, there is a mandatory rotation involving subjects at these different levels, in which all professors accredited by the postgraduate course take part. This integration between undergraduate and graduate courses has always been and continues to be one of the distinguishing marks of the Department.

Another very important characteristic of the Department is the high level of academic qualification required for hiring new teachers. There is already a consolidated tradition of opening public tenders exclusively for adjunct or full professor, with a board consisting only of external members, invited among the most renowned researchers in Brazilian physics.

Boss: Marco Moriconi
Sub-Chief: Djalma Rosa Mendes Junior

Administrative Technical Staff:

Neudeti Couto de Oliveira (secretary)

Diego Costa De Aquino-Administrative Assistant

Dino Correa-Administrative Assistant