Physics Graduation Website at UFF

Expected Student Profile

       Physics is the science of the most fundamental phenomena and structures of nature, whose study ranges from subatomic particles to the large-scale Universe. The advance in the understanding of the laws of nature has allowed the mastery of natural phenomena, the creation of new materials and artificial systems of great value to humanity. Any technological advance is intrinsically associated with the development of Physics.
The Bachelor's Degree in Physics prepares the student not only to work in research, with postgraduate studies as a natural sequence, but also to perform functions that require a solid formation in Physics.
The Degree in Physics prepares teachers for high school. In addition to basic training in electromagnetism, thermophysics and quantum mechanics, the Undergraduate Course in Physics provides specific knowledge in modern and contemporary physics, seeking to provide students with a consistent and questioning training, accompanied by a critical stance on the social role of Science. .
Upon graduating in Physics, the student acquires mastery of scientific methods, essential for any branch of knowledge. Participation in research, extension and monitoring activities is encouraged and offered to both Bachelor and Licentiate students.