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Online registration for courses

Online registration for subjects by regular students is carried out by the student at IDUFF within a period stipulated in the university's academic calendar.

If you have the prerequisites, enrollment in the discipline that is not appearing in the system can be requested during the Adjustment Period in the SolicitaUFF. The Course Coordination cannot register for subjects before the Adjustment Period.

Adjustment period

The request for adjustments to the Study Plans (Enrollment in Subjects, Cancellation of Enrollment and Change of Class) can be made by the student at the Request UFF  within the period defined in the school calendar.

It is not possible to cancel enrollment in the theoretical discipline (Physics I, II, III, IV or Modern Physics) and only maintain enrollment in the experimental discipline (Experimental Physics I, II, III, IV or Laboratory of Modern Physics). The experimental course is a co-requirement of the theoretical course.

Within the adjustment period, provided for in the school calendar, access the SolicitaUFF and remember to choose the option Class change and not Enrollment in Subject. The change of class is conditioned to the existence of available places and absence of conflict of schedule with other classes of the student's study plan.

Registration locking

It is the temporary suspension of studies, without breaking the student's bond with the University.

The (regular) student must contact the Course Coordination and ask for the registration to be suspended within the period stipulated in the school calendar.

According to the UFF Undergraduate Course Regulation, art. 58. § 5o – “The registration lock is not allowed to the entrant, regardless of the admission modality.”

The student can remain with their enrollment locked for a maximum period of 4 (four) academic periods, consecutive or not. The student who, having reached the limit of periods of suspension established, fails to enroll in subjects in the immediately subsequent academic period, will be considered a student in Course Dropout and will have their enrollment canceled by PROGRAD/DAE, without prior notice.

The reopening of registration will occur automatically at the end of the requested period. You do not need to request a reopening of enrollment at the secretariat, just register online in the Academic System - IdUFF within the deadline stipulated by the university's school calendar. On the other hand, if the student wishes to reopen the enrollment before the end of the initially requested period, he/she must contact the Course Coordination within the period stipulated in the school calendar.


The Enrollment Regularity Declaration (informs that the student is duly enrolled at the university) can be generated by the student himself at the IDUFF after completing the registration in subjects for the academic semester in question. This document already has authentication and generally does not need a stamp and/or signature to be valid. To confirm authentication, simply access the link at the bottom of the declaration page.


Access the Menu Bank – menus of subjects offered by UFF, as registered in the Academic System. The search for the syllabus of the subject of interest can be done by type, namely: linking body (Teaching Department/Course Coordination), curriculum (numerical sequence of the curriculum to which the discipline is linked), individual (code or name of the discipline) or disciplines without an associated body. The document generated by the System has an authentication key.
Note: the code of a discipline consists of the acronym of the Department of Education or Coordination to which it is linked, accompanied by a numerical sequence. The code of the subject studied can be consulted in the school transcript.

Dispensation of disciplines

It is the request, by the student of a face-to-face undergraduate course, to take advantage of studies carried out, which is configured in the recognition of the formative value of a subject successfully studied in another Higher Education Institution. The Dispensation of Subjects allows the undergraduate student to reduce their workload, but dispensed subjects/activities will not be considered for the purpose of calculating the Academic Achievement Coefficient (CR).

To access the entire procedure for the Discipline Waiver Process, please click here

Use of disciplines

It is a request, by the student of an on-site undergraduate course, to take advantage of the studies carried out, which is configured in the recognition of the formative value of a subject successfully completed at the UFF itself, with grade and attendance being registered in the student's Academic Transcript.

Entrants interested in requesting the use of studies in subjects taken in previous enrollment at UFF must carry out the procedures informed in for the request to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SUBJECTS - CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN SUBJECTS.

Enrollment cancellation

It is the act by which the student leaves the University.
Occurs in the following cases:
a) Failure to pay the time required to complete the course within the maximum permanence period established in the curriculum;
b) Dropping out of the course (more than 4 academic periods of enrollment cancellation);
c) Failure to enroll in subjects or activities in the first academic period, immediately following their admission to the university;
d) Official request, on the student's own initiative (by School Application);
e) Lack of school performance (See in the next question what is “Poor school performance”)
f) Disciplinary reasons;
g) Judicial determination.

a) Has failed in all subjects in which he enrolled in 3 (three) academic periods, consecutive or not;
b) Has not attended 50% (fifty percent) of the total course load of the course after the number of periods provided for the curricular completion;
c) Has failed in the same subject for 4 (four) times, consecutive or not;
d) Has failed due to attendance in all the subjects in which he enrolled during the period of his admission;
e) Fails with a final grade in all subjects in which he enrolled in the period of his admission, unless he obtained a final grade equal to or greater than 4,0 (four) (in the Supplementary Verification - VS) and has sufficient attendance, simultaneously , in at least one discipline. 

ATTENTION! Enrollers of all modalities, whether SISU, Transfer, Re-entry, Change of Course, Change of Location, Re-enrollment, Re-enrollment, may have their enrollment canceled due to Insufficient Achievement, if they "fail for a final grade in all subjects in which they are enrolled in the period of their admission, unless they have obtained a final grade equal to or greater than 4,0 (four) (in the Supplementary Verification - VS) and have sufficient attendance, simultaneously, in at least one subject.”

To access the entire Enrollment Cancellation request procedure, please click here

According to the UFF Undergraduate Course Regulation: Art. 63 - The maximum period of stay of the student in the course aiming at the curricular integration will be the one resulting from the number of academic periods foreseen by the Pedagogical Course Project, plus 50% (fifty percent) of this number.


It is a request to grant a new enrollment to a student whose relationship with the UFF, in a given undergraduate course, has been canceled.

To access the entire Re-enrollment request procedure, please click here 

Course completion monograph/work

a) Guided Study I – 2h/week – optional subject for Scientific Initiation, Extension Initiation and Teaching Initiation students;
b) Oriented Study II – 2h/week – optional subject for Scientific Initiation, Extension Initiation and Teaching Initiation students;
c) Pre-monograph – 4h/week – end of course – compulsory subject of the curriculum for all students;
d) Monograph – 4h/week – end of course – compulsory subject of the curriculum for all students.

The request must be made by the teacher-advisor within the Adjustment Period, defined by the school calendar, to the secretary of the Course Coordination. 

The request must be made by the professor-advisor to the secretary of the Course Coordination, at least 15 days in advance of the defense date.

Until the last day of the term established by the school calendar of the University.

The delivery of copies of the monograph to the members of the board is the student's responsibility and must be made at least 15 days in advance.

The catalog sheet can be generated online by the student on the website of the Physics Library. The site works best with the Mozilla Firefox browser.

After the defense, the student has 15 days to send the final version of the Monograph (Course Completion Work) in pdf, with the corrections requested by the examining board, to the Physics Coordination. It is not necessary to deliver the printed version, only the digital one.

Additional activities

For the purpose of curricular integration, the student will have to carry out 200 hours of Complementary Activities, throughout the course, according to the established norms.

It is necessary to fill out an electronic form from the Department of Course Coordination, attaching the supporting documents of the complementary activities.

The student must attach a statement signed by the professor-advisor, which includes the description of the activity, the workload and the semester of completion. There is a Scientific Initiation Declaration Template in the Downloads section. Note that in these modalities, a semester of activities will correspond to a maximum of 50 hours of registered activities. A maximum of 150 hours will be counted in these categories.

Change of Qualification in Physics

To change qualifications in Physics (from Bachelor's to Bachelor's Degree or from Bachelor's Degree to Bachelor's in Physics), it is necessary to participate in the TRM Contest, from the organizing committee COSEAC, in the Change Course Mode or participate in the SISU selection process.


In the Integral Baccalaureate and Integral Licentiate in Physics courses, classes take place predominantly in the afternoon (from 14 pm) and in the evening (between 18 pm and 22 pm). In the Evening Degree of the Physics Course, classes take place between 18:22 and XNUMX:XNUMX.

The Shift Change, intended for Licentiate students who wish to change from the Night shift to the Full-time or from the Full-time to the Night shift, must be requested within the deadline set in the University's School Calendar to the Course Coordination.

UFF card

Undergraduate students will be able to download the UFF Digital Card application for free from Google Play or Apple Store and will automatically access all features.

Yield Coefficient (CR)

According to the Regulation of UFF Undergraduate Courses, approved by Resolution CEP No. 001/2015:

“Art. 109 – The student's academic performance will be expressed by the Income Ratio and recorded in the Academic Transcript.

§ 1 – The Coefficient of Income (CR) will be calculated on the basis of the final grades obtained by the student in all subjects taken since entering the UFF, being obtained through the formula:

CR = (Ch 1 x N 1) + (Ch 2 x N 2) + …….(Ch nx N n),
                                          Ch 1 + Ch 2 + …. + Ch n

Ch n = course workload n
N n= Final grade obtained in discipline n

§ 2 – They are not considered in the calculation of the CR:
a) Disciplines cancelled;
b) Disciplines waived;
c) Enrollment suspension; and
d) Complementary activities.

§ 3 – In the case of a student who has obtained correspondence of subjects, through a new enrollment, the grades recorded in the previous enrollment must be used to calculate the CR in the new enrollment.”

NOTE: The final grade is defined as being equal to the partial average, if the student has obtained direct approval, or equal to 6,0 (six), if the approval was obtained in the supplementary verification (VS). In case of failure in the VS, the final grade will be the result of calculating the arithmetic mean between the partial average and the grade obtained in the VS.

To know the current Income Ratio, the student needs to access the History on the IdUFF website.

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Prospective trainees should pay attention to the email box to receive instructions. Students will be invited by email to present, within a specified period, a copy of the following documents: Front and back of the school transcript and/or high school diploma/certificate duly signed; CPF; ID card. They must also deliver the Diploma Registration Update Form and the Relinking Form (the latter for those who wish to maintain a link with the Physics course to attend another qualification, Licentiate or Bachelor's degree).

In exceptional cases, the student may request the anticipation of graduation. information in Anticipation of graduation