Physics Graduation Website at UFF

Skills and Abilities

      Graduation in Physics should provide students with not only the mastery of general and fundamental principles of Physics, related to classical and modern content, in theoretical and experimental approaches, but also allow students to face new situations using modern methods and instruments for the knowledge production in different fields of Physics.

       This necessarily goes through:

  • experiences in the Didactic Laboratory, where students can get in touch and become familiar with modern technological techniques and resources for measuring, acquiring and analyzing data;
  • master and know how to use the resources and languages ​​of Computer Science, both in solving known and new problems;
  • recognize and use Mathematics as one of the languages ​​for the expression of the models and laws of Physics and as a tool in the development and / or production of knowledge;
  • become familiar with the historical evolution of Science, relating it to the social, political, economic and cultural contexts of knowledge production;
  • recognize the importance of specialized bibliography in facing new problems;
  • participate in research and teaching initiation programs.

      In the specific case of the Degree, in addition to the previous items, the future teacher, through the various technological and methodological resources, should know how to design and implement activities that provide the learning of physical concepts, as well as evaluating the reach of their results.