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Academic Directory

The Academic Directory of Physics UFF is a non-profit academic entity, managed by a group of students elected by the students themselves, responsible for representing students at the higher levels of the Institute of Physics (Coordinations, Department, Collegiate and Direction), having voting power in departmental and collegiate meetings.

The main purpose is to provide the student community with better conditions of teaching and permanence during the period of graduation in Physics, acting in the administrative and pedagogical steps of students, as well as in the protection and preservation of individual freedoms and diversity in the space of the Institute of Physics and the UFF as a whole.

The current management is composed of 5 full members, namely:

Yngrid Simen (chairman)
Mariana Lopes (Vice President)
Thamires Bernardo (secretary)
Daiane Simão (warehouse)
Dayvid Mello (Treasurer)

Employees (non-elected members, volunteers, physics students, responsible for giving more capillarity to DAFIS' actions) are:

Alana Guimaraes
Jennifer Fagundes
Joao Pedro Rodrigues
Vitoria Freitas
Felipe Barreto

The Administrative Room of the UFF Academic Directory of Physics is at the following address:

Av. Gal. Milton Tavares de Souza, s/nº – Praia Vermelha Campus – CEP 24210-346 – Niterói – RJ
Located on Floor 1P, corridor A2, rooms 10 and 11.

The Physics Coexistence space is also maintained by DAFIS, which is responsible for taking care of its good condition, with the support of all attendees. This is located on the ground floor of Torre Nova of the Instituto de Physics, comprising a study room, a living room and a pantry.

For more information and contact:

Instagram: @dafisuff
Facebook: DAFIS - UFF Academic Directory of Physics