Institute of Physics



Universidade Federal Fluminense is located in Niterói, the former capital of the state of

Rio de Janeiro, on the other side of Guanabara Bay in relation to the city of Rio de Janeiro.

A convenient way to get to Niterói is using the ferry service that

cross the bay from the station at Praça XV, in the center of Rio.

 take the ferry to the center of Niterói and * not * the one to Charitas,

another station farther from the center of Niterói. The ticket costs R $ ………  

and the crossing takes between 12 and 20 minutes.

Note that the IF-UFF building is on the Praia Vermelha campus, and * no * on the campus

from Gragoatá, closer to the ferries. Below you will find more instructions

detailed how to reach us. Our address:


See a map of Niterói, with the IF in the center:

Institute of Physics, UFF, Praia Vermelha Campus Av. Gal. Milton Tavares de Souza, s / nº - CEP 24210-346 - Niterói - RJ

By car over the Rio-Niterói Bridge

1.1 - After the toll plaza, take the exit on the far right (direction Barcas / Gragoatá), which goes down at Av. Feliciano Sodré.

1.2 - Follow this avenue to the end and turn left, along with the flow, at Rua Visconde do Rio Branco. On this street, you will pass in front of the João Goulart Bus Terminal and the Aerobarcos and Barcas Stations, all on the right. Then, on this same street, you will see, on the left, the Post Office building and a little further on, Plaza Shopping.

1.3 - Continue on the same street, always keeping as far to the right as possible, and you will pass in front of the Petrobras Museum of Brazilian Cinema (under construction, on the right) and at the entrance to the UFF Gragoatá Campus (on the right), which is next to the Estação Cantareira shopping mall (on the right) and in front of the São Domingos square (or Leoni Ramos) on the left. This is not yet our campus!

1.4 - Moving forward, you will pass a CIEP (on the right) and, passing through another small square (on the right) you will reach a military area (Gragoatá fort) well ahead. At this point, the street turns to the left and becomes Av. Milton Tavares de Souza (or Av Litorânea), which continues by the sea and surrounding the UFSC's Praia Vermelha campus (which will be on your left)

1.5 - A little ahead you will see an entrance gate to UFF on the left. Get in and, after parking, the Physics building will be ahead on the left. If the gate is closed, going ahead you will see a small island (the island of Boa Viagem) connected to the mainland by a footbridge. Just before going through the island, turn left, going around a small square and going up. After about 50m this street comes to an end and you will see another UFF entrance gate on your left. The IF is a very colorful building about 100m ahead, on the left.

By car from other municipalities

2.1 - Arriving on the Amaral Peixoto Highway, continue straight on Alameda São Boaventura until the proximity of the Rio-Niterói Bridge access viaduct. Continue straight on Av. Feliciano Sodré and continue on the same path indicated above, starting from item 1.2.

2.2 - Arriving on the BR-116 highway (Niterói-Manilha), continue along Avenida do Contorno, which ends at Av. Feliciano Sodré. From that point, the route is the same as indicated above, starting from item 1.2.

Coming by bus from Rio de Janeiro

3.1 There are several buses that make the Rio-Niterói route. No. 996 (Gávea-Charitas) leaves the PUC campus (Gávea, South zone), passes through Jardim Botânico, Botafogo, Flamengo, Laranjeiras, Santa Bárbara Tunnel, passes close to Rodoviária do Rio and then follows the Rio-Niterói Bridge . The no. 100 (Praça XV-Niterói) leaves the Center and also passes through the Bus Station. ATTENTION: these buses do not stop inside the Bus Station, the points are outside. This area can be a little unsafe, so be careful with your luggage and ask for information only at the windows inside the bus station. No.731 (Castelo- Charitas) passes through Santos Dumont Airport and no.998 (Galeão -Charitas), makes the journey from Tom Jobim / Galeão International Airport. Both are from the 1001 road. There is also the number 741 (Leme-Charitas), which comes from the Copacabana region.

3.2 In Niterói, you can get off at the João Goulart Bus Terminal, near the Estação das Barcas. Then take the bus no. 47 (Centro-Canto do Rio). The route of this bus is the same as described in items 1.2 and 1.3 above. After passing the CIEP described in item 1.4, the bus turns left on Passo da Pátria street. Jump in front of Nilo Peçanha (or Boa Viagem) square, where the entrance gate of the UFF School of Engineering is. The Physics building is located about 100m, right after the Engineering buildings, passing through a small stretch of gravel.
Another option for those who arrive close to the ferries is to take the 47A minibus. He goes by the sea all the time, passing a fort. The second point after the fort is that of UFF, the physics building is a little further back, on the left, in view from the point.

Coming by bus from other municipalities

4.1 - Arrival in Niterói takes place at the Roberto Silveira Bus Terminal, located in front of Av. Feliciano Sodré. Cross this avenue and take a bus, bound for the center of Niterói, and whose end point is the João Goulart Bus Terminal.

4.2 - Get off at this terminal and take the line 47 bus (Centro - Canto do Rio). Follow the guidelines in item 3.2 above.

Coming by ferry or airboat

5.1 - Leaving the ferries, walk about 200 m to the right, cross a track and take one of the buses that serve:

* 47 will drop you off at the back of the Praia Vermelha campus, after passing through the Gragoatá campus;

* the 47A or 47B pass through the Gragoatá campus, through a military fort and leave it at the edge of the sea, in front of the Praia Vermelha campus.