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  • Note of death of Professor José Raymundo Martins Romeo

    The Institute of Physics communicates the death, on December 29, 2022, of our former Director and former Rector of UFF, Professor José Raymundo Martins Romeo. Emeritus professor at UFF, he was also a professor at Instituto Abel and at the Academic Course (pre-university entrance exam course, of which he was one of the owners, and which he left as soon as he

    by Ascom, published on 02/01/2023 09:36 PM, last modified on 02/01/2023 09:36 PM
  • Substitute teacher competition

    Between the 20th and 24th of June 2022, the competition for substitute professor at the Institute of Physics at UFF will take place. There will be 3 vacancies and on this page we will disclose all the information about this contest. The committee is formed by professors Jürgen Fritz Stilck, Kaled Dechoum and Marcelo Silva Sarandy (Incumbents) and professor Reinaldo

    by Ascom, published on 15/06/2022 20:42 PM, last modified on 27/06/2022 08:12 PM
  • Note of condolence for the death of Professor Carlos Roberto

    The Physics Institute would like to honor Professor Carlos Roberto, always very present, always willing to contribute to make the IF a better place. A person of great character, his departure causes all of us a lot of sadness. We offer our solidarity to the family and we wish strength in this difficult time.

    by Ascom, published on 21/05/2022 18:21 PM, last modified on 21/05/2022 18:21 PM
  • New open monitor selection processes for Physics

    The Physics department has opened new selection processes for monitoring scholarships for Physics 2 (1 scholarship) and Physics 3 (1 scholarship). Application deadline: until May 18 (Physics 2) and until May 26 (Physics 3 ) More details (selection criteria) can be found in the public notice (see or don't forget to send

    by Ascom, published on 10/05/2022 10:26 PM, last modified on 16/05/2022 11:01 PM
  • New monitor selection process for Physics 3

    The Physics department has opened a new selection process for a monitoring scholarship for the Physics 3 discipline. / or Do not forget to send the school transcript to the email address as requested in the notice. if it is

    by Ascom, published on 26/04/2022 21:49 PM, last modified on 26/04/2022 21:53 PM
  • Department of Physics (GFI) 2022 monitor selection process

    The Physics department offers 09 monitoring grants distributed in the following projects/disciplines: Physics 1 (3 grants) Physics 2 (2 grants) Physics 3 (1 grant) Physics 4 (1 grant) Experimental Physics 1 (2 grants) the registration period and the selection criteria can be found in the respective notices (see or Do not forget to send the transcript to the email address, or through the Google form, as described in the notice. If necessary,

    by Ascom, published on 05/04/2022 15:58 PM, last modified on 19/04/2022 15:48 PM
  • IF professor elected member of Optica

    Professor Antonio Zelaquett is elected member of Optica Professor at the Physics Institute of the Fluminense Federal University (UFF) Antonio Zelaquett Khoury, Ph.D. in Physics and advisor to the Scientific Board of FAPERJ, has just been elected Associate Member of Optica (formerly known scientific organization such as the Optical Society of America, or OSA) at the meeting of the

    by Ascom, published on 01/12/2021 17:40 PM, last modified on 16/12/2021 18:42 PM
  • Calculation of the Vote of the Chief and Deputy Chief of the Department of Physics

    Good afternoon, Physics Institute Community, Today, August 25, 2021, the votes for the election of Chief and Deputy Chief were counted. Here is the video of the poll below together with the official document with the result.

    by Ascom, published on 25/08/2021 17:55 PM, last modified on 17/12/2021 17:01 PM
  • Opening of an electoral consultation for the Election of the Head and Deputy Chief of the Department of the UFF Institute of Physics

    Dear community of the UFF Institute of Physics, The Local Electoral Commission for the election of the Head and Deputy Head of Department of the IF-UFF announces the opening of the electoral consultation as per the Notice attached. Any questions, please contact the Commission. Sincerely, Local Election Commission Luis Oxman (President) Leila Graef (Vice President) Diego Costa de Aquino (Secretary) Renan

    by Ascom, published on 21/07/2021 17:34 PM, last modified on 21/07/2021 17:34 PM
  • Final result of the new monitor selection process in Physics 3

    Attached is the list of those approved in the Physics 3 monitor selection process.

    by Ascom, published on 09/07/2021 17:14 PM, last modified on 19/07/2021 11:35 PM