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  • Substitute teacher competition

    Between the 20th and 24th of June 2022, the competition for substitute professor at the Institute of Physics at UFF will take place. There will be 3 vacancies and on this page we will disclose all the information about this contest. The committee is formed by professors Jürgen Fritz Stilck, Kaled Dechoum and Marcelo Silva Sarandy (Incumbents) and professor Reinaldo

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  • Note of condolence for the death of Professor Carlos Roberto

    The Physics Institute would like to honor Professor Carlos Roberto, always very present, always willing to contribute to make the IF a better place. A person of great character, his departure causes all of us a lot of sadness. We offer our solidarity to the family and we wish strength in this difficult time.

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  • New open monitor selection processes for Physics

    The Physics department has opened new selection processes for monitoring scholarships for Physics 2 (1 scholarship) and Physics 3 (1 scholarship). Application deadline: until May 18 (Physics 2) and until May 26 (Physics 3 ) More details (selection criteria) can be found in the public notice (see or don't forget to send

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  • New monitor selection process for Physics 3

    The Physics department has opened a new selection process for a monitoring scholarship for the Physics 3 discipline. / or Do not forget to send the school transcript to the email address as requested in the notice. if it is

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  • Results (1st and final stage) of the selection processes of GFI monitors

    The results (1st and/or final stage) of the GFI monitor selection processes follow. Physics 1 (GFIP 0009): Experimental Physics 1 (GFIP 0008): Physics 2 (GFIP0010): Physics 3 (GFIP 0011): Physics 4 (GFIP 0012):

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  • Official channel of the Institute of Physics on Youtube

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  • Access to the Physics Institute

    As widely publicized, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the building of the Institute of Physics is closed for public visitation and access is limited until the resumption of face-to-face activities, to be defined by Organs higher bodies of UFF. Therefore, in order to provide transparency and ensure the safety of visitors to the building and

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  • IF professor publishes article in the journal Science

    Prof. Fábio Aarão Reis, from the Institute of Physics, published on 23/10 in Science magazine the article “Deep abiotic weathering of pyrite”, together with collaborators from Penn State University (USA) in the area of ​​Geosciences. This is nothing less than the first * publication in this journal, one of the most prestigious in the world in all areas of

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  • IF professor present in the world ranking of influential researchers

    IF-UFF Professor Marcelo Silva Sarandy appears as one of the 100.000 most influential researchers in the world, according to a ranking published by PLOS Biology magazine. The ranking includes the impact of researchers throughout their careers, as well as specifically in the year 2019, according to the number of citations in their publications.

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