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Note of death of Professor José Raymundo Martins Romeo

publicado: 02/01/2023 09h36,
last modified: 02/01/2023 09h36

The Institute of Physics communicates the death, on December 29, 2022, of our former Director and former Rector of UFF, Professor José Raymundo Martins Romeo.

Emeritus professor at UFF, he was also a professor at the Abel Institute and the Academic Course (pre-university entrance exam course, which he was one of the owners, and which he left as soon as he was appointed Director of the Institute of Physics, as he considered these two situations to be incompatible). . As Director of the Institute of Physics at UFF, he was responsible for attracting several PhDs in Physics, hiring them and thus implementing research activities at the IF. Raymundo Romeo was a teacher who, due to the quality of his classes, the respect and friendship he earned from his students, his ethical stance and the kindness with which he treated everyone, left deep marks on his students.
He contributed to the completion of the work on the Institute of Physics at Praia Vermelha, committed himself to promoting the development of research and teaching at the IF, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Twice Dean of the Fluminense Federal University, he was responsible for a paradigm shift, taking UFF from a teaching institution to a research and graduate center. He promoted culture, bringing the National Symphony Orchestra to our university, creating the String Quartet and the Early Music Ensemble.
Professor Raymundo was one of those responsible for making UFF what it is today, in its grandeur and excellence!

With great respect and admiration for his work, we pay this tribute. Our condolences to friends and family for the loss. Our thanks for the friendship and companionship, for the effort in the development of the Institute of Physics and UFF. It was an honor for us to have him as our teacher, colleague and leader.

(this text was compiled from the manifestations of several colleagues from the IF)

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