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IF UFF participates in the Rio Quantica Network project

publicado: 19/06/2022 16h28,
last modified: 19/05/2023 19h58

The Rio Quantica Network project is an initiative of the Optics and Information Research Groups
Quantum of the Fluminense Federal University (UFF), Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
Janeiro (PUC-Rio), Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and the Brazilian Center for
Physical Research (CBPF). The team participating in the project is coordinated by Prof. Antonio
Zelaquett Khoury (IF/UFF) and has the participation of researchers Guilherme Penello
Temporão (CETUC/PUC-Rio); Thiago Barbosa dos Santos Guerreiro (Physics Dept./PUCRio);
Gustavo Castro do Amaral (PUC-Rio); Fernando da Rocha Vaz Bandeira de Melo (Group of
Quantum Information, CBPF); Nilton Alves Junior (CBPF/Rede-Rio/FAPERJ); Gabriela Barreto
Lemos (UFRJ); Gabriel Horácio Aguilar (UFRJ).
The project consists of the construction and establishment of a Quantum communication network
metropolitan area, connecting PUC-Rio, CBPF and UFRJ institutions through optical fibers from the
Rio/FAPERJ (in the Redecomep-Rio Project together with RNP – National Education and
MCTI Research), and the UFF institution for a free space link. The central objective of
project is to create a core of competence in Quantum Networks, through the implementation of
a Quantum communications network within the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro, opening the
way to integrate Brazil into the Quantum Internet.

Figure 1: Basic scheme of the structure of the Rio Quantic Network. Image: Google Maps