Institute of Physics

Department of Physics (GFI) 2022 monitor selection process

publicado: 05/04/2022 15h58,
last modified: 19/04/2022 15h48

The Physics department offers 09 monitoring grants distributed in the following projects/disciplines:

Physics 1 (3 scholarships)

Physics 2 (2 scholarships)

Physics 3 (1 scholarship)

Physics 4 (1 scholarship)

Experimental Physics 1 (2 scholarships)

Details regarding the application period and selection criteria can be found in the respective notices (see ou Do not forget to send the transcript to the email address, or through the Google form, as described in the notice. If necessary, documents proving the admission bonus by affirmative action or mothers with children up to 5 (five) years old must also be sent to the email address described in the notice.


Any questions, contact Prof. Stephane Soriano (, department monitoring coordinator.