Institute of Physics

IF-UFF to install new equipment for research on nanostructured materials

publicado: 17/12/2021 17h19,
last modified: 17/12/2021 17h23

The project “Nanostructured Materials: from fundamental physics to applications”, coordinated by the professor Andrea Brito Latgé, from the UFF Institute of Physics, was approved in Notice No. 41/2021 - PROGRAM TO SUPPORT THE FRONTIERS OF SCIENCE AND INNOVATION RJ - MULTIUSER INFRASTRUCTURE IN LARGE EQUIPMENT - 2021, promoted by the Carlos Chagas Filho Foundation for State Research Support of Rio de Janeiro (FAPERJ). The project team is formed by 40 researchers from 7 institutions: UFF, UFRJ, CBPF, UERJ, UFRRJ, UENF and IFRJ.

The project will allow the purchase and installation at the IF-UFF of equipment called Focused Ion Beam (FIB), or Focused Ion Beam. This equipment will promote and consolidate research on nanostructured materials in the state of Rio de Janeiro, both in fundamental physics and in various applications. The acquisition of this infrastructure adds a powerful new tool for the realization of research on nanostructured materials already developed at our Institute, increasing its experimental potential and allowing a strong interaction between the research groups involved.