Institute of Physics

IF WGs for Pandemic Issues Release their 1st Newsletter

publicado: 16/12/2021 19h35,
last modified: 16/12/2021 19h40

The IF's Infrastructure and Processes Working Group was constituted in 24/6/20 with the objective of dealing with issues related to remote work and the maintenance of face-to-face activities at the IF during the COVID-19 pandemic. Subsequently, the group was reduced and divided into a Process and Personnel WG and an Infrastructure WG. In 15/12/21 disclosed their first bulletin informing about some interventions carried out in the period, among which the following stand out:

  • The creation of an online form to request face-to-face access to the IF building during the pandemic period, allowing for frequency control within the limits imposed by social distancing.
  • The installation of new sinks, alcohol dispensers and signs at the entrances of the FI, as well as new lighting, to adapt to the UFF Contingency Plan.