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IF researchers publish in Physical Review Letters and are highlighted by SBF

publicado: 24/02/2021 12h04,
last modified: 24/02/2021 21h20

A study led by researchers from IF-UFF, including postdoctoral fellow Tarik Cysne, professors Márcio Teles Costa and Roberto Bechara Muniz, and now ex-doctoral student Luis Canonico was recently published in the prestigious magazine Physical Review Letters. The article, done in collaboration with researchers from UFRJ and the University of North Texas, was the main highlight in the bulletin of February 18.02.21, XNUMX from the Brazilian Physics Society. In the work, the researchers point to a `two-dimensional 'material (formed by a very thin layer, only two atoms thick) which would be ideal to develop the so-called“ orbitronic ”, a more efficient alternative to electronics that would use the orbital angular moment of electrons to store and process information.
For more details, see the video below, produced by SBF, and the links above.